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Brass Celtic Torc
Brass Celtic Style Torc

The torc was a way of ancient peoples wearing their wealth as a symbol of status, but the torc has many spiritual meanings too. It represents the hoof print or mark o' the old Gods, the cauldron as mystical symbol used by the Daghda and in Brythonic myths. This is an inexpensive item which looks identical to historical items so would be great for anyone participating in LARP or re-enactments. It's lightweight as it's hollow and the dimensions are 125mm inside diameter and is 13mm at it's widest point. A lovely item and if you haven't already, Google 'Snettisham hoarde' to view the real thing.

The book in the photo is our beautiful Celtic hand tooled leather pentacle book.

Email magick@23enigma.com to ensure your item is in stock. UK p&p included in the price.

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