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Tibetan Singing Bowl With Ki Dragons
This Nepalese singing bowl has been hand beaten by Nepalese artisans whose traditions are centuries old. It is made from a blend of the seven planetary metals which imbue it with it's sacred energies. These are used in meditation, Reiki, space clearing and Feng Shui. Today, they are also used to charge crystals and herbs by placing them inside and allowing the vibration of the sound to impart the items with the alchemical energies. This bowl measures 130mm in diameter and is 55mm tall. It has two Ki (Chi Dragons) engraved on the outside which represent pure elemental energy and are side to have created the Universe. It comes with the wooden beater and is quite a heavy bowl, the metal tapers to 3mm at the rim. The bowl is activated by holding in the palm of your hand and circling the beater around the circumference keeping a steady pressure. This gives off wonderful tonal sounds used in chakra clearing and all the healing artes. It is a large but relatively lightweight singing bowl. All our authentic Tibetan hand crafted items are Fair Trade products. Postage and packing is included in the price.
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