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Tibetan Hand Crafted Prayer Wheel With Prayer Scroll
This is a genuine hand crafted Nepalese prayer wheel. The drum contains an old prayer scroll with the sacred Buddhist prayer "Om mani padme hum..." repeated on it hundreds of times. The handle is wooden with a thumb rest carved onto it and the drum is copper with the double dorge - Viswe Vajra symbol on it's underside. This symbol is said to destroy all evil. The top piece has a silver dome with the lotus on it, whose petals represent the eight fold path of Buddhism and the eight auspicious signs of the Buddha (Ashtamangalas). The counterpoise weight which turns the drum is an icosahedron which in sacred geometry it represents the auric bodies. It is 265mm long and the drum is 80mm wide. It comes with the traditional half moon woooden stand as the drum should never be placed on the ground, which would earth the spiritual energies of the prayer scroll inside. All our authentic Tibetan items are Fair Trade goods. Postage and packing is included in the price.
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