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Bronze Kali pendant.
Kali whose name, among the manifold meanings ascribed to it, means time; time which devours all in the end. A fantastic, bronze pendant measuring 35mm of the great black mother, Maha Kali.
Kali is feared as the wrathful aspect of Uma the universal mother goddess. Muldakesi is another of Kali's epithets, meaning complete liberation. Kali also means black, the eternal darkness of the void within and without. Digamber Ma is Kali as the sky clad mother of the aforementioned void, save for her necklace of fifty human skulls, the number of letters in the Sanskrit alphabet from whose sounds Brahma created the world. Also available in silver.

There's a very interesting etymological link between Kali and the Scottish Cailleach (Call-ach); both of whom wear necklaces of skulls, have blue faces, drip with blood and are the female polarity of the cycle of death and resurgent creation.
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