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Sutekh, Set Storm God

Here is an altar figure of the God of storms and desert winds. Sutekh or Set stands 193mm tall and the plynth he stands on is 65mm wide at the base. He holds the Uas or Staff of Set which bears his head, considered to be that of an animal of unknown origin. The figure of Sutekh is made of cold cast resin and has been hand painted in his colours of black and gold. Sutekh is perhaps one of Egypt's most ancient Gods, he was venerated in the Neolithic era and associated with many stellar cults. I can highly recommend the books of Kenneth Grant for those interested in the magickal nature of this most mysterious of Gods. Mogg Morgan has produced two fascinating books which cite archaeological evidence to support the pre-Osirian stature of Set as "Bull of Ombos". See our books section for these.
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