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Ceremonial Ankh Wallhanger
I have one of these in the shop and it's always being admired. This is an Ankh wallhanger which is 234mm in length and 115mm wide. It's made of cold cast resin and is beautifully painted in silver and gold leaf to represent Sol and Luna and Ast and Ausar (Isis and Osiris).The Djed pillar or backbone of Ausar(Osiris), the "Lord of the Underworld" forms the central column of the ankh. The Uas wand or "Staff of Set" covers the djed pillar. This very ancient totem of power is the key to the secret of the "Stang" wand or staff in witchraft. There is a small scene at the top of a priest between two pillars. It's an impressive replica of an ancient manifold symbol. The ankh is not only the "Key of life"(it symbolises the female reproductive organs) but the "Key to the mysteries of Egypt". It's considered to be a symbol of protection but to me, it's most important function is that it's a symbol of rending or going beyond the veil of Isis. It comes with a wall fixing.

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