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Zos catalogue to accompany the 2007 exhibition

On the 29th of August 2007, 23Enigma arranged an exhibition of original works of art by Austin Osman Spare in Glasgow. On the opening night show of the exhibition, we were very fortunate to have the opportunity to listen to talks on the life and art of AOS given by Michael Staley and Caroline Wise, who also provided a slideshow. Over 160 people attended, and most expressed surprise and awe at the visions they beheld. Viewing the original pastels, watercolours and drawings move you in a visceral way, allowing you to experience AOS's "Atavistic resurgence". Our speakers have promoted AOS's works over many years, and Michael also kindly provided an essay for our catalogue discussing the life of AOS and his praxis, including a fascinating explanation of the "Besz Mass" involved in creating living works of art.Our catalogue contains all thirteen prints from our exhibition. The original works were treated to high resolution, drum-scanning photography by museum experts which capture every detail and nuance of AOS's fine line. This price is for recorded delivery in the UK only. The cost for Airsure Tracked postage for your catalogue to the USA is £69. For all other destinations please email first.
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