23 Enigma Updates and Links

We always get asked what the name of the shop means and there are many complex meanings.
23 Enigma is about the underlying magickal currents in all our lives, and the synchronicities which draw us to our magickal paths. 23 expresses in sacred numerology, the path of the Priestess as the Occult Oracle of the Old Gods. It is a magickal and mystical vocation and one which has it's roots in the very beginnings of life on earth, when the "Starry Wisdom" was the birthright of every being, and we were all close to our Gods. The Magickal Artes practiced today were inherited from our ancestors and it is in their footsteps we tread through the ritual dance of the Cosmos.

The Gods have been here for all of us since time ever was, and ever shall be. Each of us has access to their help and guidance in order to achieve the highest attainment we can in this incarnation.


Local groups and meetings will be posted here if you send us your details. Links are welcomed on a reciprocal basis only - but please, no commercial banners



http://www.educationaid.net - A series of talks based around Druidry at Castle of the Muses, Argyll.
http://www.legalpaganweddings.com - Kara Holder and Pall Thormod Morrisson are celebrants who are based in Edinburgh. We conduct legal wedding ceremonies in Edinburgh and the Lothians, although as we have our own transport we can also conduct ceremonies elsewhere in Scotland.
http://thebrooke.org - The Brooke Animal Hospital, helping working animals in the world's poorest countries and sadly, horrific conditions.
www.tarawatch.org - Fight the planned destruction of the Hill of Tara, one of Ireland's most sacred sites.
http://www.thorshammerwoodcraft.com/ - Fantastic and authentic ritual, handmade items from a knowledgable source. Commissions welcome.
www.whalesrevenge.com - Help Stop Whaling Now, use the link and sign the petition to sto the barbaric killing of this noble creature.
www.mandrake.uk.net - Mandrake, a fantastic publisher of Occulture and an interesting resource offering a huge range of articles on all aspects of magick.
www.witchvox.com - Great online resources for all aspects of Witchcraft
http://www.scottishpf.org - The Scottish Pagan Federation - news and information resource covering all Pagan paths.
http://www.twpt.com - The Wiccan and Pagan Times.
http://groups.yahoo.com/groups/scotwitch - Scotwitch: a group specifically for Witches, Pagans and Heathens resident in Scotland who are 18 or over.




Local Groups and Regular Events:

Glasgow Moots - www.glasgowpagans.org.uk
Contact http://rhionnach.googlepages.com/home